Soteria Defense

Managed Detection & Response

Soteria Defense MDR allows you to leverage the power of your EDR and cloud telemetry without alert fatigue and or the burden of hiring a team of security professionals.

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Illustration representing Soteria Defense Managed Detection Response packages with endpoint telemetry.
Detection And Response

Supported Platforms

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Detection And Response

Soteria DART

The Soteria Detection and Response Team (DART) acts as an extension of your security team, providing advanced capabilities at a fraction of the cost of in-house expertise, 24x7x365.

Protect Your Endpoint Fleet

Soteria Defense MDR is a fully managed endpoint solution, unlocking the power of modern EDR capabilities.

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Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Our team investigates and triages alerts, reducing the noise, so clients only receive validated detections with actionable recommendations.

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Keep Pace With Emerging Threats

Detection engineers study adversarial tradecraft and apply our Detectors as Code methodology to provide coverage against the latest attack techniques.

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Get Support On Demand

Incident handlers proactively review detection trends and provide guidance for your other internal security initiatives.

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Respond To Threats

When an incident occurs, the same DART team, having intimate and longstanding knowledge of your environment, pivots into an IR role to help your organization recover.

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