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Domain Monitoring Made Simple

Soteria Defense Domain Watch allows businesses to quickly detect and respond to domain impersonation attacks.

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Illustration representing Domain Watch and what it does to keep businesses secure.
Soteria Defense

Domain Watch

Soteria Defense Domain Watch provides a powerful capability to monitor domain registrations across the internet and registrars for threats targeting your brand. When malicious actors attempt to register a domain impersonating your brand, Soteria detects this activity and provides response capabilities to enable you to protect your business, your customers, and your reputation.

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How Domain Watch Protects Your Brand

Protect Your Brand From Abuse

Soteria Defense Domain Watch identifies and responds to malicious domain registrations that target you and impact your customers.


Identify Suspicious Domains

We ingest large datasets from domain registration providers for new domain registrations that could be used to impersonate or otherwise damage your brand, providing early warning to a range of attacks


Take Decisive Action

When malicious domains are discovered, our team seamlessly removes content and or provides take down services that disable or recover the domains.


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