Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Hackers work around the clock and so do we. With 24/7 access to Soteria's response team, your business can count on our security experts to be by your side in the event of a security incident.

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Incident Response

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Soteria offers a full-scope of breach management services to help businesses lessen the impact of cyber incidents on their firm while meeting regulatory requirements

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Digital Forensics

Soteria's digital forensics capabilities, along with their ability to maintain chain of custody standards, delivers reliable and forensically sound evidence for clients in need.


Incident Response

Soteria prides itself on providing incident response services tailored to customer needs and objectives, while still meeting the incident response standards set forth in NIST special publication 800-61R2 and Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Incident Handling Program. Soteria is able to accomplish this using our experienced staff and our incident response methodology.

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Threat Hunting

Soteria team members will utilize a combination of tooling already deployed in our client's environment, as well as open source tooling, to proactively search the environment to find signs of malicious activity. Additionally, our team will mentor any members of the internal SOC or threat hunting team on strategies for conducting threat hunting of their own.

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Exercises & Training

Soteria prepares our client's response team with tabletop exercises and response activity training to improve response time and capabilities, which reduces impact from incidents.

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Immediate Response

Soteria defense MDR clients receive the ultimate response capabilities Soteria can provide. Through our Defense technology, Soteria can immediately isolate issues, begin investigation, and start remediation activities reducing impact from incidents.


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Full recovery and business as usual within 24 hours after ransomware attack

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