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Who We Are

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Soteria is a client-focused organization providing expert advisory, consulting, and tailored solutions to assist in preventing and responding to security incidents.

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Illustration representing the Soteria team in action, helping to keep companies secure through their multitude of services and security packages.

Industries We Serve

It is our goal to build partnerships that provide organizations the knowledge and capabilities to protect against and respond to cyber threats while maintaining the ability to achieve their own missions. We work with clients of all sizes, across all industries. If your organization is in need of customized security solutions, we can help!

  • Healthcare

    We work with healthcare organizations and hospitals to provide readiness and assessments to adhere to HIPAA regulatory compliance. Additionally, we help protect sensitive patient information, such as medical records and personal identification, from being accessed or stolen by unauthorized individuals.

  • Finance

    We partner with clients that must comply with SEC, FINRA requirements. Additionally, we help to protect sensitive information including personal identifiable information and financial data from identity theft and financial fraud for individuals and organizations.

  • Manufacturing

    We work with our manufacturing clients to protect the hardware and software critical to their operational technology needs. Additionally, we help prevent disruptions to the supply chain and safeguard Intellectual property and trade secrets from theft or destruction.

  • Technology

    We offer full end-to-end services for all your technological needs: cloud infrastructure, internal and external networks, web applications, thick clients, wireless, mobile, and more.

  • Supply Chain

    We perform assessments and 24/7 monitoring for supply chain clients to assist in the requirements of their trading partners and confidence of their broad networks.

  • Insurance

    We partner with insurance companies to assist with cybersecurity incidents. Soteria can become your approved provider through insurance panels.

  • Government

    We assist many state agencies and local governments with cybersecurity and maintaining a trusted provider status to assist with a variety of cybersecurity services and solutions.

  • Private Equity

    We serve many private equity clients and firms throughout the industry. We often begin with penetration testing and lead into additional layers for defense in depth protection.


Our Clients

Our clients are the center of our business. Soteria's team of cyber security professionals is dedicated to serving clients of every size across all industries to address their IT security needs and meet their security compliance requirements. Driven by the belief that "Security is for Everyone", Soteria offers advisory services and solutions which are significantly differentiated from the security status quo.

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Illustration breaking down the Soteria logo. This illustration highlights the center ring of the logo and illustrates how clients are the center of our business.
Protection Layer

Our Team

Soteria's expertise in the cybersecurity domain is predicated upon the accumulated practical experience of its leadership and staff. Soteria's security professionals have held leading positions in private industries, state governments, and federal intelligence communities. With a combination of technical security expertise and industry-specific insight, the Soteria team provides tailored cyber security services and solutions spanning pre-breach consulting, incident response, and managed security with exceptional client communication and focus.

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Illustration breaking down the Soteria logo. This illustration highlights the midde ring of the logo and illustrates how Soteria acts as a layer of protection for their clients.

Our Solutions

Soteria develops solutions after listening to our client's barriers to securing their organizations and gaining a deeper understanding of their needs. All of our solutions are offered as managed services, giving our clients the ability to add functionality to their security platform without requiring additional resources from management and operations. Our commitment to provide human validation of all notifications allows our clients to remain focused on their most pressing issues. We keep our clients informed and capable of taking action without being overwhelmed by excessive or unhelpful data.

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