IT Security Policies & Awareness Training

Work with Soteria's security consultants to craft IT security policies, as well as awareness and training programs, that fit the unique needs and capacity of your business. Have regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, GLBA, NYDFS, or PCI DSS? Soteria designs custom policies and training that align with your compliance needs, while keeping your company culture front of mind.

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Illustration representing the Soteria team working with clients to craft customized security policies.

Our Process

IT security policies and training are the cornerstone of every business' risk management strategy

practice makes perfect

Ensure Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Through Tabletop Exercises

The goal of tabletop exercises is to provide a realistic, event-driven scenario relevant to the cyber threats your organization is most likely to face, to evaluate the company's current security posture and response plans. The Soteria consulting team will build a custom scenario to prompt an open discussion on your organization's anticipated response efforts. During the exercise, we will oversee and coach your incident response team, document results, and provide recommendations for improvement. As a result, you will achieve the confidence that your organization is prepared to respond in the event of a business disruption or security incident.

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Security Standards

Do You Need To Meet Compliance Requirements?

Some industries require both security policies and training on specific security topics to maintain compliance. Find out how Soteria can help you meet requirements of common security standards.

Compliance Standards
  • SOC 2
  • ISO 2700x
  • CIS Controls

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  • Digital Forensic & Incident Response

    Our security experts are ready to respond to threats 24/7. Yes, even on the weekends.

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  • Security Assessments & Advisory

    Assess the state of your security posture and develop a sustainable program to guide security efforts in the future

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  • Offensive Security Services

    Identify vulnerabilities and receive recommended steps for remediation.

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