Soteria Defense

Delivering Cybersecurity Expertise & Operational Leverage

Soteria Defense solutions enable you to access our team's deep expertise in security operations, extending your security team's capabilities.

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Illustration representing Soteria Defense Managed Detection Response packages with endpoint telemetry.
Detection & Response Team (DART)

Human Expertise And Overview

The DART monitors your assets, providing human validation of automated security alerts and tailored response actions. Soteria's team is composed of experts in multiple disciplines, allowing us to provide a complete capability for our clients.

Incident Handlers

Your primary interface to the DART, incident handlers work with our customers to ensure you are aware of the steps we are taking to protect your environment.

Detection Engineers

Detection engineers work with the EDR platforms to ensure detection of the latest threats, while minimizing false positives.

Digital Forensicators

Digital Forensicators/Incident Responders are called in to investigate, contain, and respond to active incidents.

Security Engineers

Security engineers work to provide actionable recommendations and guidance when our clients need to remediate security vulnerabilities or respond to threats.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence analysts work to ensure our DART and our clients maintain situational awareness on the threats that may be targeting their organizations and how to best defend against them.

Soteria Defense Solutions

We Filter Out The Noise To Deliver What You Need, When You Need It

Soteria Defense leverages the expertise of the DART to achieve security operations expertise.

Soteria Defense MDR

Protect Your Endpoints & Cloud Assets

Soteria Defense MDR (Managed Detection Response) is a fully managed solution, allowing clients to leverage the power of modern EDR and other cloud telemetry without hiring a team of detection engineers, security engineers, and analysts.

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Soteria Defense Domain Watch

Protect Your Brand From Abuse By Malicious Actors

Soteria Defense Domain Watch helps identify and respond to malicious domain registrations targeting you, your clients, and your third-party providers.

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