Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Hackers work around the clock, so do we.

With 24/7 access to Soteria’s response experts, your business can count on our team of security experts to be by your side in the event of a security incident. Whether your business experiences a cyber incident Friday at 5pm, over a weekend, or on a major holiday, Soteria is ready to provide technical incident response assistance to identify and mitigate the issue.

Experiencing an incident now? Contact Soteria to speak to an expert. (843)501-0313
Looking to prepare your incident response plan? Contact Soteria to learn about our security policy consulting services.

Be Prepared

To help businesses lessen the impact of cyber incidents on their firm while meeting regulatory requirements, Soteria offers a full-scope of breach management services.


Work alongside Soteria’s security experts to ensure your employees and networks prepare in the event of an attack. See our Policies and Training Page

During Breach

Responding to a cyber attack requires expert security knowledge and quick action. (Afterhours, weekends, and holidays included.)

Post Breach

To ensure your business handles in incident according to laws and improves its policies and procedures to avoid falling victim to similar incidents in the future

DFIR Services

Immediate Response

Soteria’s Lexico MDR clients receive the ultimate response capabilities Soteria can provide. Through Lexico technology Soteria can immediately isolate issues, begin investigation, and start remediation activities reducing impact from incidents

Learn more about Lexico MDR

Want to lock in discounted incident response rates? Get an incident response retainer through Soteria and be prepared in the event of a breach. By signing an incident response retainer with Soteria in advance of an incident, you will also enable Soteria to start work faster by getting initial paperwork and negotiations out of the way.

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Full recovery and business as usual within 24 hours after ransomware attack
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