Why does your business need brand and domain protection?

Hackers can impersonate and tarnish your brand by registering domain names similar to the ones used by your business to use in phishing attacks and scams. DNSense Brand and Domain Protection guards your firm’s brand from being manipulated by cyber criminals.

  • 1. Hackers register a domain name similar to yours

  • 2. Use it to email your employees or clients posing as a trusted entity

  • 3. Use your employees or clients to gain money or private information

How DNSense Protects Your Brand

DNSense Monitors

TLDs (Top Level Domains) to find typo-squatters, brand tarnishing sites (yournameheresucks.com), and sites that pop up to take advantage of your related product names and keywords.

DNSense Assesses

the threat level of a site and prioritizes them for action, providing you relevant information, but also a custom level of reporting depending on your preferences.

Soteria Acts

After ranking and examining each result, Soteria security specialists take appropriate actions based on the results in order to attempt to take down and block impersonation and phishing sites.

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