supply chain security

Supply chain security for the trucking and shipping industries

Cyber criminals have their sights set on trucking and shipping firms, making supply chain security more important than ever. What makes businesses in the trucking and shipping industry so susceptible to attack? Their highly mobile and people-intensive nature.

Businesses in the transportation industry are heavily dependent on one another to conduct business. For this reason, if a hacker is successful in breaching a single firm in the industry, it becomes easier for them to gain “backdoor access” into other firm’s in the victim’s network. The vulnerable nature of the industry makes supply chain security a hot topic among transportation firms.

Top security considerations for transportation firms include the following:


Mobile device management policies

With employees moving constantly, it becomes challenging to keep track of mobile devices containing proprietary company information. In the event a device is lost, your business should have the ability to remotely wipe the device to ensure sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Vendor agreements

Making it clear what data you will exchange with 3rd parties and defining how each entity must use and guard that data is important in protecting your firm in the event of an incident.

Security Policies and Training

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Email Security measures

Phishing attacks are one of the simplest–and most effective–ways hackers can compromise a business. Configuring your email spam filters correctly, utilizing phishing reporting tools, and training your employees can help your business stay ahead of threats.

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IT security assessments

Understand the level of risk posed to your business and devise a concrete plan for mitigating risk. From assessing your business facilities to your IT networks, receive a full view of your business’ level of exposure to hackers and how it can be improved.

Security Assessments

No matter your company’s size or budget, Soteria has a plan to assist with security.

For large firms, we offer full-scope of security services to meet your firm’s individual needs and requirements. For small to medium size companies we created SecureStart, which offers bundled services and solutions to assist in establishing and growing security programs.

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