Soteria and Everest Insurance® Announce a Cyber Protection Package

CHARLESTON, SC – May 10, 2017 – Soteria, LLC, a cyber security consulting and data analytics firm, is collaborating with Everest National Insurance Company® to address the cyber exposures of Everest Insurance® Private Equity policyholders. As part of a new Everest Cyber Protection Package, policyholders will receive three of Soteria’s innovative security solutions alongside their primary or excess General Partnership Liability policies. The solutions include DNSense™ online brand protection, PhishPhry™ phishing protection, and Helios™ vulnerability scanning. These security tools work in combination to mitigate security risks associated with common cyber threats while providing firms with actionable threat intelligence. This offering is also extended to the Private Equity firm’s portfolio companies, and provides a unique way for Private Equity policyholders to ensure their portfolio companies are better protected from cyberattacks.

“Business security cannot be fully-addressed with a single solution,” said Soteria’s CEO and Founder Christopher O’Rourke. “Our suite of solutions offered through Everest’s Cyber Protection Package enables businesses to help safeguard their IT networks, business processes, and employees from falling victim to common cyber threats. With access to these foundational security tools, Everest’s policyholders can improve their security programs, mitigate their external and internal cyber risks, and address certain regulatory compliance requirements.”

Robert Clark, head of the Alternative Solutions Group at Everest commented, “We are excited to work with Soteria’s talented team of experts to help our policyholders proactively address the risks of a cyberattack. Extending this offering to our policyholders’ portfolio companies demonstrates our continued commitment to being an innovative and best-in-class carrier.”

About Soteria

Soteria is a cyber security consulting firm located in Charleston, SC. Founded by experienced former members of the National Security Agency, Soteria specializes in security assessments, 24/7/365 incident response, and security product development.

About Everest

Everest Insurance® markets property, casualty, specialty and other lines of admitted and non-admitted direct insurance on behalf of Everest Re Group, Ltd., and its affiliated companies. Additional information on Everest Re Group companies can be found on the Group’s web site at