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Security Policies and Awareness Training

Policies and training are the cornerstone of every security strategy.

Work with Soteria’s security consultants to craft corporate security policies and awareness training programs that fits your business’ needs and capacity. Have regulatory requirements? Soteria designs custom policies and training that align with your compliance needs and business capacity.

Establish security policies

Work with Soteria to determine your business’ needs, workflow, and compliance requirements to define your security policy needs.

Train employees

Rely on Soteria’s expert team to provide guidance on effective implementation methods and assist in training employees on new security practices

Test and Refine

Set measures in place to enact the policies.

Do you need to meet compliance requirements?

Some industries require security policies and training on specific security topics to maintain compliance. Find out how Soteria can help you meet requirements of common security standards:

  • PII

Learn more about custom policy creation and employee training offered by Soteria:

Policy and Training Data Sheet

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