Security Assessments & Advisory

Fulfill security requirements of current business needs and future growth

Determine where you need the most assistance from all encompassing security gap assessments to more specific infrastructure and VIP assessments. Receive peace of mind that your future strategy to build a mature and self-sustaining security program is designed with your business in mind.

Gap & Risk Assessments

Overview of existing security

Gap assessments start with an overview of the existing security-related hardware/software, IT security policies and procedures, and employee workflows implemented by a firm. Once this security profile has been established, a consultant will provide recommendations for improving your security posture in accordance with industry-best practices or compliance requirements.

Gap & Risk assessments are ideal for a wide range of businesses with varying levels of established security programs. These assessments provide businesses with valuable expert guidance on appropriate policies, training, asset and physical security measures that they should implement. Similar to vulnerability assessments, risk assessments conducted by a third-party are often required or highly suggested by many compliance standards to ensure existing practices are in line with their security requirements. Check to see if a risk assessment may be a required or recommended component of meeting compliance

Infrastructure Assessment

Deep dive on the design of your environment to ensure a foundation of security

Consultants will review and analyze the overall architecture design, as well as specific use cases as requirements for existing IT systems in place. Emphasis will be on a review of access controls, hardware and software configurations, and segmentation of data and systems. This will be accomplished through a combination of interviews with key security and IT personnel, review of existing documentation, and reviews of log and configuration data. Using this information, Soteria will document and provide a report on the infrastructure, and will make recommendations for further restructuring of the infrastructure to improve the agency’s security posture.

Research & Strategic Planning

Make educated security decisions with Soteria’s expert advisers

Leverage Soteria’s expertise to support your organization in making decisions with security in mind and building a secure future. Soteria engages with various research and planning projects in an advisory role for our clients. If you have security challenges that don’t fit neatly into the other categories we discussed, we would love to talk to you about how we can help you meet your objectives.

VIP Assessment

Understand the risks your leaders face and how it can impact your business

Our high-profile individual security assessment approach analyzes the security posture of the individual against several security disciplines, to include physical posture, communications (or signals), and cyber/network defense mitigation techniques. Soteria’s conclusions and recommendations will enable the individual to implement feasible, strong countermeasures that increase the difficulty an adversary would have in targeting the individual.

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