Why does your business need phishing protection?

Hackers can email you, your employees, or your clients posing as a trusted entity. They can leverage this trust to gain sensitive company information. Guard against cyber criminals with PhishPhry Phishing Protection.

  • Hackers register a domain name similar to yours or a client’s.

  • Use it to email your employees or clients posing as a trusted entity

  • Socially engineer your or your employees in order to gain sensitive information

Send your suspicious emails to Soteria in one click and receive up-to-date phishing threat intelligence in return

Install PhishPhry

Soteria’s PhishPhry plug-in integrates seamlessly to your preferred email platform. When you receive a phishy email, send it to Soteria for analysis with one click.

We analyze

Soteria security experts will analyze the email to determine its threat level. Receive notice if your business may be the focus of a targeted phishing scam

Receive threat intel

Receive up-to-date phishing news updates from Soteria to keep you and your employees on the lookout for recent scams we have been spotting.

Take the next step to protect your brand

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Get PhishPhry Phishing Protection and other products and services with SecureStart

SecureStart: The Simple CyberSecurity Solution

Ideal for businesses* who:

  • Have yet to establish security
  • Need to meet compliance requirements
  • Need to protect company assets

*Hint: If you’re a business, you need security.

What’s included in SecureStart:

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