IT Security Assessment

Identify which type of IT security assessment is right for your business

This list begins with the most simple IT security assessment, the Vulnerability Scan. As the list goes on, the assessments get more extensive.

Vulnerability Scan

A quick security assessment of your business’ assets

A vulnerability scan provides a quick IT security assessment of your business’ external or internal assets or web applications to determine if there are flaws in their design or configuration that negatively affect their security. Businesses that are actively developing or changing the configurations of their networks or the designs of their web apps should consider running vulnerability scans before launching major changes or updates to their networks or web apps. If development is outsourced to a third-party, running a vulnerability scan is a good way to quickly check if the product was developed with security in mind.

Vulnerability Assessment

Scan combined with recommendations and analysis

Vulnerability assessments are vulnerability scans combined with a detailed analysis of the results with recommendations on how to fix the vulnerabilities and the recommended priority that should be placed on addressing the identified vulnerabilities. Vulnerability assessment will provide a report that includes the results of the vulnerability scan, the order in which the results should be addressed, and the recommended action that should be taken to address each vulnerability identified.

Gap Assessment

Overview of existing security

Gap assessments start with an overview of the existing security-related hardware/software, IT security policies and procedures, and employee workflows implemented by a firm. Once this security profile has been established, a consultant will provide recommendations for improving your security posture in accordance with industry-best practices or compliance requirements.

Penetration Test

Discovers how your vulnerabilities can be exploited

Penetration tests expand on the work completed in vulnerability assessment and provide additional insight into how the vulnerabilities identified in your network could be exploited. Understand the amount and type of information a hacker could feasibly extract from your business as a result of exploiting the existing vulnerabilities in your network. Receive insight on the true level of risk your web-facing assets are posing to your business, your vendors, and your customers.

Hunt Teaming (Red Teaming)

Determines if your network has already been compromised by hackers

Hunt Team assessments are designed for businesses looking to determine if a network has already been compromised by hackers. These assessments will be able to determine if hackers are residing in your network undetected by security tools your business may use, such as SIEM platforms, firewalls, and intrusion prevention/detection systems.

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