Financial Services Security

With hackers’ sights set on the financial services sector,
firms in this industry must establish robust cybersecurity
programs to defend against threats.

Financial Services Security

Financial services firms have long been required to meet industry regulations, such as routinely performing IT security assessments and enforcing security policies. In addition to meeting compliance, financial services firms are placing greater emphasis on improving their ability to effectively identify security risks, stay aware of current cyber threats, and respond to security incidents.

Detection, awareness, and response plans are critical for all financial services security programs.


Effective incident and breach detection practices are essential to financial services security programs. Having the ability to detect incidents quickly enables a business to avoid a security incident from escalating. Proactive, rather than reactive, measures strengthen security programs.

Soteria provides proactive vulnerability and incident detection offerings to financial services firms:

Helios Web Vulnerability Scanner
Hunt Team Security Assessment


Security is more than protecting your networks and IT systems. It also requires ensuring your business’ activities are not putting your business at risk. Having access to quality training and state-of-the-industry open source cyber intelligence can arm your employees with the knowledge needed to guard your business against potential threats.

Soteria monitors financial services firms and notifies them of cyber threats with actionable threat intelligence solutions and services.

DNSense Online Brand Protection
Cyber Threat Intelligence


When a security threat or security incident is detected, having an appropriate response plan is critical to maintaining business continuity, staying ahead of PR issues, and avoiding potential fines. Being able to characterize the issue, determine the appropriate mitigation strategy, and adjust your security measures accordingly will enable your business to shorten response times and adjust security measures to avoid recurrences.

Soteria is on call 24/7/365 to guide your business in appropriately responding to security threats and incidents. Leverage our expertise develop an incident response plan that meets your compliance needs.

PhishPhry Phishing Protection
Incident Response and Planning

The security compliance landscape is rapidly evolving.

Laws are rapidly changing to ensure financial services firms are building comprehensive security programs, not merely implementing security to check-off compliance requirements. For this reason, it is important to stay aware of changing laws and ensuring your security program is adapting to meet these requirements in an effective and efficient manner.

From FINRA to NYDFS (link), Soteria’s security consulting team assists companies in reaching security compliance requirements. With team members specializing in financial regulatory compliance and security consulting, Soteria is ready to work with your business to develop a tailored security strategy that fits your firm’s needs, business operations, compliance requirements, and resource availability.

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