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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Protect your brand. Protect your people.

Criminals impersonate and tarnish your brand by leveraging your trademarks, copyrights, products, branded phrases, and key personnel. Protect your brand and people with Soteria’s Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Leverage the power of Soteria’s big data analytics and machine learning algorithms and access state-of-the-industry cyber threat intelligence.

Soteria’s team of expert security consultants and data scientists will work with your firm to identify and mitigate threats to your brand. Harness our proprietary analytics to proactively identify threats to your corporate reputation. Inform Soteria of what brand elements you would like to monitor and let Soteria’s expert team take care of the rest. Receive cyber threat intelligence notifications from Soteria’s security team to stay aware of the most current threats facing your business and your industry.

Identify key brand elements

Provide Soteria with your most critical brand elements for monitoring. This can include anything from your corporate executives to domain names to trademarks.

Detect misuse of your brand

Soteria’s threat intelligence gathering platforms will search for improper uses of your brand’s or employees’ names. If fraudulent uses of your brand are detected, you are alerted immediately.

Takedown and mitigate threats

Soteria will work with hosting providers, internet service providers, and any other resources that are necessary in an order to get the harmful and fraudulent content legally taken down.

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