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Read Soteria’s web vulnerability scanning tips to understand the role vulnerability detection and mitigation plays in your business’ security strategy. Whether you are launching a website, developing a web application, or looking to meet your security compliance requirements, vulnerability scanning is an important tool that should be leveraged by businesses of every size. When coupled with the knowledge of a security expert the results of your vulnerability scan can guide your business to improving its security posturing and mitigating potential risks to your firm. By understanding the value and need for scanning, your firm will be able to strengthen its network to protect your business from cyber threats.
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IoT Ransomware Trends

@CarsonSallis1, you bring up a very interesting question that is starting to become a hot topic in cyber security research. Internet of Things (IoT) ransomware is not yet a widespread threat to IoT devices, but there is evidence to indicate that it could become a growing threat. Security researchers (and hackers) are proving that [...]

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Shared Web Hosting Security

Having roommates is a great way to cut down on the cost of rent. But would you ever move into a new place without knowing who your roommates were or how many roommates you had? This is often the case for businesses that use shared web hosting for their websites. Shared hosting is a [...]

Shared Web Hosting Security2017-04-05T17:46:00+00:00
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