Free corporate phishing protection security tips from Soteria’s expert IT security consultants.

With phishing incidents becoming more prevalent, it is essential for business of every size to implement policies and procedures to protect your business from falling victim to email scams. Read Soteria’s phishing protection tips to stay a step ahead of cyber criminals. Receive advice on implementing solutions to assist your business in proactively blocking email phishing scams. Use these tips to educate yourself and your team and shape your corporate security policies, procedures, and awareness training.

Phishing Attack Protection

@Pwdrkeg, effective and comprehensive phishing attack protection should combine technical solutions with user education. It is important to note that protecting against phishing attacks is a process that must constantly be revisited and adjusted as appropriate. We have outlined four recommendations for a well-rounded approach for effective phishing attack protection. 1.Configure email spam filters [...]

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Small Business Security

Submit your #askahacker questions to @soteriasecurity on Twitter. Chosen questions will receive a response from our consulting team and a Soteria gift pack. @ltpate3, great question! Small business security is becoming increasingly important, as hackers have been placing greater emphasis on targeting small businesses in recent years. Every breach that occurs doesn’t make the [...]

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Personal Email Accounts: How They Affect Business Security

With email security incidents on the rise, good business email practices are becoming more crucial to protecting your firm from internal and external security threats. Soteria often works with companies, some with millions of dollars in revenue, who still use personal email addresses for business use. While Soteria sees the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of [...]

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Can you spot the difference between the two domains below? “” “” It may be hard to notice at first glance, but the first domain contains two uppercase "i's" in place of lowercase "l's". What you witnessed is a perfect example of typosquatting, or the use of strategic typos to create fake domains that [...]


Phishing Detection

Being the target of an email scam is not a matter of “if,” but “when.” For this reason, it’s important to be able to quickly and accurately identify suspicious emails and take precautionary steps to limit the risks for you and your business. At Soteria, we filter a lot of spam emails through our [...]

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