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With phishing incidents on the rise, online brand protection strategies are becoming more important to businesses of every size. Cyber criminals commonly impersonate your brand by registering domain names similar to your firm’s, a technique called typosquatting. With these rouge domains, hackers set up fake websites that mimic the look and tone of your corporate brand to lure unsuspecting employees and clients into handing valuable data and money to them.

Read Soteria’s tips for guarding your brand against threats posed by cyber criminals. Use this advice to educate yourself and your team and shape your corporate security policies, procedures, and awareness training.

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Check out Soteria’s DNSense platform to assist your corporation in staying ahead of cyber criminals trying to impersonate your brand.

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Can you spot the difference between the two domains below? “” “” It may be hard to notice at first glance, but the first domain contains two uppercase "i's" in place of lowercase "l's". What you witnessed is a perfect example of typosquatting, or the use of strategic typos to create fake domains that [...]

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