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IT security awareness training is a cornerstone of every business’ security strategy. By keeping your employees informed of the latest security threats, your staff will be better equipped to mitigate security threats that your business faces. Furthermore, security training is a key component of meeting many regulatory compliance standards. Leverage Soteria’s tips to provide your firm guidance in creating and implementing security awareness training at your business.

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Check out Soteria’s policy and training development services and leverage the knowledge of our security experts. Develop a custom training plan for your business that aligns with your business’ needs.

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The Importance of Executive Leadership in Information Security

By Ryan Burkovich While executives have an ever-growing backlog of issues, threats, and trends to manage, one issue seems to be continuously growing in complexity and severity. It is an issue that is difficult for many to understand and exists somewhere between the physical world and an abstract world that cannot be seen or felt [...]

The Importance of Executive Leadership in Information Security2022-11-04T19:21:59+00:00

New Year Information Security Resolutions

To actually achieve this year! New Year's resolutions always start with gusto. As time passes and obstacles arise, resolutions tend to fade before they are achieved. Soteria is here to guide you towards a sustainable resolution and successful start to the new year and decade that will help your organization grow its security capabilities [...]

New Year Information Security Resolutions2020-01-09T18:36:29+00:00

Pay Up

It’s happened, computer screens are filled with demands, data is encrypted and inaccessible, systems are disrupted, your backups were not protected (see our “Backup Plan” blog post) and you’re experiencing the panic of ransomware. What do you do? Try to negotiate with unknown attackers or start from scratch and rebuild your IT environment? Either [...]

Pay Up2021-03-16T00:15:29+00:00

Social Engineering Awareness

@nismoguy1, social engineering is an important security topic that impacts individuals and businesses alike! Before answering your question, it is important to define the term social engineering. A broad definition of “social engineering” is influencing someone to react in a certain way by exploiting one’s interests, habits, etc. In the context of cybersecurity, “social [...]

Social Engineering Awareness2018-09-17T18:47:22+00:00

Phishing Attack Protection

@Pwdrkeg, effective and comprehensive phishing attack protection should combine technical solutions with user education. It is important to note that protecting against phishing attacks is a process that must constantly be revisited and adjusted as appropriate. We have outlined four recommendations for a well-rounded approach for effective phishing attack protection. 1.Configure email spam filters [...]

Phishing Attack Protection2017-03-28T20:37:49+00:00

Business Culture and Security

A paradigm shift is occurring in business. The idea of a corporate culture being defined by its policies and cubicles is being swapped out for more organic and open models that are shaped by a business’ employees — not its rulebook. At Soteria, we have adopted this new business culture wave — and have the Nerf guns, beer fridge, [...]

Business Culture and Security2017-03-13T20:55:45+00:00

Startup Security

Like many businesses, Soteria got its start as a three-man team working out of a spare bedroom in an apartment. Our story isn’t unique; many businesses understand what it is like getting a company off the ground with a skeleton crew. In the early stages of starting a business, it is understandable why businesses [...]

Startup Security2017-03-13T20:55:57+00:00

Two-Factor Authentication

With news of stolen passwords making headlines on a regular basis, businesses and individuals often ask Soteria’s team what they can do to take control of their security online. In addition to using strong and unique passwords for every application, we recommend setting up two-factor authentication, as it is one of the most simple [...]

Two-Factor Authentication2017-03-13T20:56:11+00:00

Visitor Log Security

Vistor log books are a smart security practice to keep track of visitors as they come and go from your office. Logging visitors is often required by your insurance underwriter as a way to manage your firm’s liability. Compliance standards, such as PCI DDS, also require visitor logging as a way to maintain a paper [...]

Visitor Log Security2017-03-13T20:57:10+00:00
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