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Phishing Attack Protection

@Pwdrkeg, effective and comprehensive phishing attack protection should combine technical solutions with user education. It is important to note that protecting against phishing attacks is a process that must constantly be revisited and adjusted as appropriate. We have outlined four recommendations for a well-rounded approach for effective phishing attack protection. 1.Configure email spam filters [...]

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Small Business Security

Submit your #askahacker questions to @soteriasecurity on Twitter. Chosen questions will receive a response from our consulting team and a Soteria gift pack. @ltpate3, great question! Small business security is becoming increasingly important, as hackers have been placing greater emphasis on targeting small businesses in recent years. Every breach that occurs doesn’t make the [...]

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Security Policy Enforcement

Conversation about business security is often centered around what additional measures companies should be taking to protect their businesses from cyber threats. However, what many businesses don’t consider is the effects of poor security policy enforcement practices at their firm. The National Institute of Standards and Technology released a study indicating that employees at [...]

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Security Policy Customization

Having proper security policies and procedures is important for all businesses, especially those that must meet compliance standard requirements. It is a common belief that maintaining policies is one of the easiest aspects of meeting compliance. However, checking the “policies” box off your list of compliance requirements requires more than merely downloading policy templates off [...]

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Personal Email Accounts: How They Affect Business Security

With email security incidents on the rise, good business email practices are becoming more crucial to protecting your firm from internal and external security threats. Soteria often works with companies, some with millions of dollars in revenue, who still use personal email addresses for business use. While Soteria sees the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of [...]

Personal Email Accounts: How They Affect Business Security2017-08-30T14:25:50+00:00

Shared Web Hosting Security

Having roommates is a great way to cut down on the cost of rent. But would you ever move into a new place without knowing who your roommates were or how many roommates you had? This is often the case for businesses that use shared web hosting for their websites. Shared hosting is a [...]

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Business Culture and Security

A paradigm shift is occurring in business. The idea of a corporate culture being defined by its policies and cubicles is being swapped out for more organic and open models that are shaped by a business’ employees — not its rulebook. At Soteria, we have adopted this new business culture wave — and have the Nerf guns, beer fridge, [...]

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Startup Security

Like many businesses, Soteria got its start as a three-man team working out of a spare bedroom in an apartment. Our story isn’t unique; many businesses understand what it is like getting a company off the ground with a skeleton crew. In the early stages of starting a business, it is understandable why businesses [...]

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Two-Factor Authentication

With news of stolen passwords making headlines on a regular basis, businesses and individuals often ask Soteria’s team what they can do to take control of their security online. In addition to using strong and unique passwords for every application, we recommend setting up two-factor authentication, as it is one of the most simple [...]

Two-Factor Authentication2017-03-13T20:56:11+00:00

PCI DSS Compliance Requirements

The Payment Card Industry Date Security Standards (PCI DSS) were set in place to protect credit and debit card data that is shared with vendors. Addressing PCI DSS compliance requirements is of critical importance to businesses that process and store payment card data. We often hear that business owners believe they meet PCI DSS [...]

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