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Announcing MDR for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is one of the most ubiquitous productivity platforms in the world. Unfortunately, M365’s popularity has been noted by threat actors and has therefore become an ideal target for intrusions, whether being used for initial access or actions on objective. A week does not go by where we don’t see another intrusion affecting [...]

Announcing MDR for Microsoft 3652022-08-31T14:27:13+00:00

Surviving a Cyber Security Incident – Part 2

In the Trenches By: Matthew Otte Our previous post detailed common pitfalls and ways to avoid them as you develop your organization’s incident response capabilities. This post is intended to address the next steps by covering concepts that may aid you during an incident response (these tips are also great to keep in mind [...]

Surviving a Cyber Security Incident – Part 22022-08-04T16:21:13+00:00

Surviving a Cyber Security Incident – Part 1

Part 1 - Before the Storm By: Matthew Otte Throughout their many years of practice, Soterians have advised for, participated in, and commanded a large assortment of cyber security incident responses (IRs) in the form of both exercises and real-world events. Though no two response efforts are exactly alike, Soteria has discovered a [...]

Surviving a Cyber Security Incident – Part 12022-07-07T12:47:59+00:00

Understanding MDR

By: David S. MANAGE. DETECT. RESPOND. In any organization that uses computers to manage or operate their business, there is inherent risk of a cyber incident. The level of risk can vary based on the structure of systems, controls in place, the storage or transfer of sensitive information (e.g. financial, personal, health, or intellectual property), [...]

Understanding MDR2022-07-03T20:47:57+00:00

Another Look At Active Directory Security

By Carl L Active Directory is the backbone of most organizations, and compromising this tool is the Holy Grail for most attackers. Any organization that has been around for a while has likely been through many iterations of Active Directory. Over the years they may have seen hundreds or thousands of different recommendations, upgrades, [...]

Another Look At Active Directory Security2022-01-18T16:59:11+00:00

Azure AD Default Configuration Blunders

By: Carl L. Following the release of two recent blogs regarding Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory default configurations, we began digging a little further into the access an unprivileged user has inside any tenant running any of the default settings in their tenant. What we’ve found is that the Default Enabled settings allow any unprivileged, authenticated [...]

Azure AD Default Configuration Blunders2022-07-07T14:36:26+00:00
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